Chinese Medicine?

Why Traditional Chinese Medicine?
Traditional Chinese medicine is one of the oldest continuous systems of medicine in history. It has been the primary medical system in clinics and hospitals in China for more than 2,000 years, successfully treating a full range of health conditions.
Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has an uninterrupted history of development in China and other parts of East Asia dating back thousands of years. The primary feature of modern TCM is the premise that good health relies on the restoration and maintenance of harmony, balance and order to the individual.
TCM has proven successful in treating conditions – such as eczema, asthma, musculoskeletal injuries and pain control – for which Western Medicine can do little more than treat their symptoms.
It has also proven helpful in treating chronic conditions in situations where prolonged use of Western Medicine would be cause for worry.
In many cases it can also reduce the side effects of Western Procedures, Pharmaceuticals and enhance post-surgical recovery.

What Are The Benefits of Chinese Massage?
There are numerous benefits of Chinese massage therapy. The various Chinese back massage techniques not only provide pain relief but also help treat a number of physical disorders.
Massage therapy is a holistic approach to health care that not only provides relief from physical ailments, but also relaxes and revitalizes the body and mind. Chinese massage stimulates the circulatory system and the nervous system. It provides relief from chronic pain and improves the strength and flexibility of the various parts of the body. Regular Chinese massage can also halt the progress of many degenerative muscular diseases.
Chinese massage also stimulates the immune system and increases the strength and resilience of the body. It can also be used to treat injuries and bruises and facilitates the removal of scar tissue.Using Chinese massage for headaches, migraines and constipation can help overcome these problems completely. Tennis elbow and sciatica pains can also be effectively treated with these massages. Athletes and sportspersons can use Chinese massage to recover from sports injuries and improve their performance.
Chinese massage benefits are not only physical. Chinese massage can also relax and re-energize the mind. It is also an excellent way of removing all the accumulated stress and tension from the body and the mind.These massages can rejuvenate and relax the mind from day to day stress and anxiety and even cure anxiety related disorders effectively.

What is qi & how does it affect the body?
When healthy, an abundant supply of qi (pronounced chee) or “life energy” flows through the body’s meridians (a network of invisible channels through the body). If the flow of qi in the meridians becomes blocked or there is an inadequate supply of qi, then the body fails to maintain harmony, balance and order, and disease or illness follows. This can result from stress, overwork, poor diet, disease pathogens, weather and environmental conditions, and other lifestyle factors and becomes evident to TCM practitioners through identifiable signs of body dysfunction. TCM practitioners look carefully for these signs of health and dysfunction, paying particular attention to not only the presenting condition, but also the medical history, general constitution, and the pulse and tongue.

TCM treatment decision making
Clinical assessment, diagnosis, and treatment principles are based on the theoretical frameworks of TCM which seeks to identify underlying symptom patterns that indicate how the body is or has become dysfunctional. Treatment is focused on the underlying condition as well as treating the presenting symptoms. Clinical decision-making and patient management strategies are also influenced by contemporary Western approaches to health care, including infection control practices and known interactions of herbal medicines with pharmaceuticals and other therapeutic substances.